Crime Victim Rights

The victim of a crime may file a civil lawsuit against a perpetrator or other responsible party for monetary damages. Regardless of the outcome of criminal prosecution, a crime victim may have a strong case for compensation through civil litigation. The civil justice system does not determine whether the party responsible for a victim’s harm is guilty or innocent. Crime victim lawsuits simply ascertain whether someone is civilly liable for the injuries sustained by the victim as a result of the crime and whether the victim is entitled to compensation or other relief.

The attorneys at Coit & Payment are experienced handling cases in both the criminal and civil justice systems. Our attorneys comprehensive knowledge of criminal law ensures our clients’ rights as victims are upheld every step of the way throughout the criminal prosecution process. There is, unfortunately, no way to truly compensate crime victims for what they have endured, but you or your loved one may be entitled to compensation or other relief that helps you move forward. Contact the attorneys at Coit & Payment today to learn about the resources and remedies available to crime victims.